Most of us independent media creatives have been experiencing tough times since late 2008 when the first signs of a bloated and misguided financial system began to emerge. We at Marvelous were no exception. Decreasing creative projects sought by an increasing number of talented freelancers was the new landscape. Many have diversified, currently developing ideas and passions in other area’s of art and entrepreneurial business.

During the boom years of the 1990’s an 0’s creatives working in top agencies never had the time for respite. The creative process can be taxing on the spirit, downtime between projects was crucial for employees to recharge and refocus. But just like the bankers we rarely had the time to ask, “exactly where are we going with this?”

As more tough times seem inevitable lets recharge and re-evaluate. Let’s be more aware of costs, let’s be more results orientated, let’s not be so afraid of loosing a client that we continue to loose focus. Let’s shift our mentalities and not just carry on the way we’ve been do business at double speed. Let’s keep changing and stay nice.