It’s a ‘selfie’ world

The digital world has been around for sometime, the number of people who have access to digital tools like wifi camera’s, smartphones and easy-to-use web templates, increases every hour. It is this hands-on nature of digital media today that is new. Most media professionals want to highlight their proven skill, and rightly so. But the future of the digital world is in the shaky hands of the ‘selfie’.

On Instagram you will see stunning images taken by people who picked-up their first camera 6 months ago. With WordPress, no longer must a client be held hostage by an overloaded web designer, now they can build and edit sites as they please.

With Linkedin and Facebook people create their own network, while Ebay and Paypal makes owning a retail store, a reality. If stardom is your dream, Youtube is your stage. If literature appeals, publish that blog!

The media industry likes to prolong the myths that engulf the profession. With flashy websites and speedy editing the viewer should be dazzled into submission. At Marvelous we remember that digital graphics are still just graphics, communication is still about saying something to someone and business will always be about making a dollar.