We weren’t always so Marvelous, we learned along the way, working on big ideas for even bigger clients. From Guinness to Amstel, from Nike to Adidas. There was a career before we became a company. Today Marvelous has an impressive list of international clients. They require a diverse skill set, from brand creation to delivery of digital and printed materials. We work directly with small businesses and charities while still freelancing for leading design and advertising agencies, it helps us to keep things fresh. We have a reputation as the seasoned professional in graphic digital design and DTP.

Working almost exclusively with online printers, print-on-demand publishers and WordPress CMS for websites and web stores. ‘Making it’ online enables us to offer clients a truly low cost product. Fully automated ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ systems require experience, things can easily go wrong, we’ve learned the hard way and we’ve learned to leave the HTML to the coders!